Yes Please
I hope you can hear all the words I don’t say
And the catch in my voice doesn’t betray
My feelings

You’ll never know exactly how much
I want to give in to that casual touch
You are stealing

Although I don’t say it
You know just the same
I light up inside
When you call my name

Each lovely moment sparkles and shines
Like jewels in my pocket, slipped one at a time
On my fingers

Or savor them slowly, unsaid and unsung
Like butterscotch, salty and sweet, melts on my tongue
And lingers

You said you’d be sad
To not see me again
So let’s never be sad
We’ll always be friends

I’ll play it cool, smiling and kind
And patiently hush all those thoughts in my mind
When I leave

I’ll tuck my heart back under my sleeve
And hope what I’m looking for is looking for me
Yes please
Yes please