Everywhere & Nowhere
I’ve been missing you since the day we met
It was never enough
Bits and broken pieces I can’t forget
It was never enough

You’re everywhere and nowhere
Just beyond my reach
I don’t know why I miss you every day
With my coffee in the morning
Until my last thought fades to gray
I hear your voice and I know just what you’d say

Tender words wrap around me like a sweet caress
But they were never enough
Left a mark like a bullet in my chest
‘Cause they were never enough

I’m always glad to see you
And I’m glad to see you go
I can’t be satisfied with just a taste
Now I’m leveled out
I’m asking right out loud
Is there no one in this world to take your place

Your ten-cent love was a diamond in my dreams
But dreams are never enough
Empty as a shot glass full of smoke and steam
It’s just never enough

Is it ever enough
Is it ever enough