Everywhere & Nowhere
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Although he doesn’t know it, I owe Teddy Thompson a debt of gratitude for this song. Teddy recorded an album of classic C&W-themed songs a few years ago called “Up Front & Down Low” which was brilliant. I was working on this song when I met Teddy at Richard Thompson’s Frets & Refrains Music Masters Camp and we had a chance to talk about it together. That conversation really helped me refine the song and finish it. There is a fine line between classic and cliché, and the advice I got from Teddy helped me bring out a much more authentic, personal take on this timeless genre. I have to give special props to the band, they totally “got their twang on” for this number, and thanks to John Macy for the pedal steel—perfect—it’s just the way I wanted it to sound. Hopefully the song sounds familiar and, at the same time, delivers something new.