Keep On Driving
© ℗ Big Purr Music, LLC (ASCAP)

I wrote this song over the course of a couple of different road trips—both in the pouring rain—I’m sure everyone has had that experience of a truck passing you in a rainstorm, creating a giant splash on the windshield, and you duck involuntarily. Road trips are so cathartic, especially if you’re breaking up with someone—isn’t it liberating to just drive away and leave your troubles behind? The refuge of the road. I love the rhythm on this track—Hill Baker did such a great job creating a stompy, swampy groove. Kyle Zender’s guitar is perfectly gritty. And I really love Chris Speasmaker on the Keyboards. Chris hauled his vintage Leslie Speaker to the recording studio, God bless him—an enormous wooden console with rotating speakers inside, heavy on the tremolo, love it. Super groovy.