Getting Through - featured

from the album A SAD CLOWN
by Julie Christensen & Stone Cupid

Getting Through 3:28
© Julie Christensen, Stone Cupid Music BMI, John Hadley, Hadley Six Music BMI, admin by Sony/ATV, Sergio Webb, My Mexia Music BMI
vocal Julie Christensen
guitars, acoustic 12-string: Chris Tench
guitar, electric 12-string: Sergio Webb
acoustic bass: Jeff Turmes
snare drum: Steve Latanation

Written one morning in the winter of 2015 in John Hadley's Norman, OK living room, when Sergio and I were traveling through on tour on our way out to California. And it WAS the coffee talking! John Hadley is a miracle, a hit songwriter and a legend. Sergio and I have each gotten to write with him often, and we're very lucky.