Vienna, Illinois - featured

from the album A SAD CLOWN
by Julie Christensen & Stone Cupid

Vienna, Illinois 4:53
© Julie Christensen, Stone Cupid Music BMI
lead vocal Julie Christensen
12-string guitar, guitar: Chris Tench
guitar, resonator: Sergio Webb
acoustic bass: Jeff Turmes
snare drum: Steve Latanation
backup vocals: Renée Wahl, Brett Ryan Stewart, Julie, Chris Tench

On the way back from visiting Mom in Iowa to Nashville, you go by the Shawnee Correctional Institution next to the National Forest of the same name. The nearby town is not pronounced in the way that you would think. I did not know that as I was keeping myself awake singing its name over and over in a lilting, catchy (at least I think so!) fashion all the way home. Then I wrote my first ever song on mandolin. Then I googled Vienna, Illinois to make sure...and had to sing it differently!