Like Nothing Hurts

from the album A SAD CLOWN
by Julie Christensen & Stone Cupid

Like Nothing Hurts 4:38
© Julie Christensen, Stone Cupid Music BMI
vocal Julie Christensen
spooky acoustic guitar, ambient guitar: Chris Tench
acoustic guitar: Julie
accordion: Sergio Webb
acoustic bass: Jeff Turmes

Like Nothing Hurts ©Julie Christensen

Oh, I’m just having a bit of a hard day
It’s not like I’m dyin
Though we die a little bit all the time, okay?
It isn’t violent, 
Like Death walkin in with an AR-15
And opening fire
God rest all their souls
And let us pray____.

Oh, I just really mustn’t complain.
I’m whinin, is all.
I’m talkin about just a little pain
Makes me feel so small.
I’m not in a war zone:
No water, no electricity for days on end, 
Where my killer or rapist waits around the bend
It’s not insane_____.

But when I rise up from my seat, 
An invisible torturer cranks up the pliers on my knees
And I may wince when I come back to sing or talk or play
It might be that the show looks easy
And I’ll make like nothing hurts
And I’ll make like nothing hurts
I’ll just make like nothing hurts
Well I’ll make like nothing hurts
And maybe it’ll help to get through
On days like these
On days like these...