Honey, Let's Go To Town - featured

from the album A SAD CLOWN
by Julie Christensen & Stone Cupid


3. Honey, Let’s Go To Town 2:54
© Julie Christensen, Stone Cupid Music BMI
vocal Julie Christensen
guitars: Chris Tench, Sergio Webb, Julie
electric bass: Jeff Turmes
snare, kick, hi-hat: Steve Latanation

Honey Let’s Go To Town ©2017 Julie Christensen

At the Lakewood RV and Campground

South of the Drag, Outside of town

We were welcome to pull in on the Yamaha for the night

So we stayed for a month and drank a bit

Saw the beach, but mostly we got lit

Not a morning went by wouldn’t one of us pick a fight.

I’d say “Honey Let’s Go To Town.”

But he would not take me there.

He bought me a new tattoo

On the boardwalk at Wither’s Swash

We rode the ferris wheel and that was cool.

But the roller coaster,

I didn’t like that much

It wasn’t the Skywheel or the real boardwalk

But he would not take me there.
solo ||:

Hey someday I’m gonna take a ride

Jump on your Harley and head up 95

I’m gonna know what it is to be alive Maybe Atlantic City

C’mon Honey Let’s Go To Town

Hey Honey Let’s Go To Town

Honey Let’s Go To Town

Cause he would not take me there.