A Sad Clown-featured

from the album A SAD CLOWN
by Julie Christensen & Stone Cupid


1. A Sad Clown 3:41
© Julie Christensen, Stone Cupid Music BMI
lead vocal Julie Christensen
guitars: Chris Tench, Sergio Webb, Julie
acoustic bass, banjo: Jeff Turmes
snare drum: Steve Latanation
backup vocal: Renée Wahl

I named the album even before this song came. Then the song started coming to me, as I went around my business in East Nashville in the car. I just thought about my long career, and though I'm certainly not as heroic as a rodeo clown, I sure have some dad gum persistence! It's like I crashed my Harley and I'm headed down the road on my brand new Japanese bike, damn the torpedoes!