Tin Roof
Steve Martin- all frailing, and most of the Scruggs style Banjo
Chris Caswell - Accordion, Orchestra, Piano
Russ Barenberg - Guitar
Stuart Duncan - Fiddle, Mandolin
Craig Eastman - Fiddle, Octave Violin
Matt Flinner - Mandolin
Brittany Haas - Fiddle
Kenny Malone - Percussion
John McEuen - Guitar, Banjo, Bowed Guitars, Electric Bass, Efx, Mandolin
Skip Ward - Acoustic Bass

I was playing around on the set of Cheaper By the Dozen II when this song started to come to me. Eugene Levy, one of my favorite people second only to myself, plays hours on the movie set doing impromptu shows outside our trailers for any one who would listen. My wife Anne is from the south, and it was she who gave this one its name. Tin roof, of course, is slang for methamphetamine. Just kidding.