Nothing Stays The Same Forever

Nothing stays the same forever, oh nothing living ever stays the same
Night time changes into daytime and by-and-by you'll see a change
Why big oak trees from little seeds grow and so does everything, everything alive
So in return your fellow man heed just be glad you have arrived

Cause nothing stays the same forever so try to live and watch the change
Just to be among the living, oh can’t you feel the joy it brings
While babbling brooks and running waters, hill and dale and countryside
Beautify your saddest memory and make tomorrow be worthwhile

Cause nothing stays the same forever every night must turn to day
If you are a thinking person take a little time to pray
Why father time and mother nature married long long before our time
Count your blessings past and present and then only search for peace of mind

Cause nothing stays the same forever and I don't care how much you try
Man was born to witness wonders and man was also born to die
Man was born to die, born to die