I Want To Change Your Mind
With tears in our eyes
We said our final good-byes, before the judge today
As the gavel came down
You turned around, I watched you walk away,
Footsteps sounding my heart pounding wildly in my ears
Crying blind, I want to change your mind.

So wrapped up in me
I just couldn’t see that I was losing you.
I wanted money and fame
I know I’m to blame, but what can I do?
I’d give it all
If you would call and give me one more chance.
“Cuz now I find, I want change your mind.

I want to change your mind
I want to change your mind
If you could tell me the day
You started to stray
Maybe I could find, a way to change your mind.

You thought I didn’t care
I heard she was there, just tryin’ to ease the pain.
She brings you happiness
And love I guess, there’s nothing to explain.
I can’t stop crying, Feel like dying, I’ll never be the same.
I’m left behind, I want to change your mind.

Purple V Music, BMI all rights reserved
contact: Christine Vitale