Don't Mess With The Monkey
You got me with your smile
A temptation that’s for sure
Wore my resistance down
I kept coming back for more
It was fun while it lasted
But it lasted much too long
An easy bad habit
It was oh so wrong
If you don’t mess with the monkey
The monkey won’t mess with you
I been messing with that monkey
See how the monkey grew

Like a bad addiction
Shrouded in deceit
Your lovin’ tasted good
My ego had to eat
You were my drug of choice
I was hanging by a thread
Till the monkey on my back
Started singing in my head

One drink led to another
We’d pretend we wern’t aware
Getting caught up in the moment
In the moment I didn’t care
The burden of sneakin’ is heavy
Ain’t been down this path before
Gotta break away from the monkey
I can’t do this anymore