I Just Can't Go On
What will you do when I tell you that I’m leavin’?
Will you ask me my reason or just walk away?
I’ll be in trouble if you let me go
Mmmmm....cuz I love you so
But I just can’t go on livin’ this way

I watched you slow dance with him in your sleep
Holding your pillow and calling out his name
Now I’m lying here with tears in my eyes
Wondering why I believed all your lies
And I just can’t go on living this way

Tryin’ to hold on when everything is gone
Oh, I’m cryin’
If I say I’m not in pain
Ask me to explain, I’m lyin’

You don’t to speak, I can tell by the look on your face
Don’t put yourself through it, there’s no more to say
I’m facing the door with a lump in my throat
Fumbling as I button my coat
No, I just can’t go on livin’ this way
I Just Can’t Go On Living This Way