I'm Leaving You
I work two jobs
Seven days a week
Puts food on the table
Keeps us off the streets
My woman comes to me
Says daddy that ain’t enough
If you don’t believe I’m leavin’
Go ahead and call my bluff

I’m leavin
I’m leavin’ you today
I’m leavin’ you today
Just watch me walk away
I’m walkin’ out the door (last chorus only)
Don’t wanna see your face no more (last chorus only)
I’m leavin

I walk the straight and narrow
I’ve always been true
When women come my way
I say my heart belongs to you
My baby comes to me
Says I got a got a brand new friend
If you don’t think I’m leavin’
I’m tellin’ you this is the end


Now sit right down
I’ll tell you a thing or two
You say you need more money
And you got yourself another fool
I say that’s all fine and well
Go ahead on do what you wanna do
But there’s one thing you got wrong
It’s me who’s leavin’ you