I Don't Know Why
I don’t know why I love you like I do
But I do, Lord I do
I don’t know why, you treat me like you do
But you do, Oh yes you do

You hurt me over and over
Lord you do me anyway you please
But no matter how you treat me woman
Lord I just can’t seem to leave

I don’t know what you’re using on me baby
But it’s good, ooh it’s real good
I know I would surely leave you woman
Oh if I could, I surely would, oooh


I tried my best to make you happy
But lord, you don’t appreciate nothing I do
But Lord, you won’t do anything I ask you baby
But I still try to do everything for you
Oh, Oh, I don’t know why I have to cry
But I’ll understand by and by, by by and by
I don’t know, why I love you like I do
But I do