Country Roads
Country Roads – 3:03 (Featuring Jed and Call Slaughter)

Country Roads – This song brings back so many memories of mine growing up in the 1970s and watching the John Denver specials on TV. Luckily when I played this song for my kids, they too, fell in love with it. My two sons, Jed and Call took over the lead vocals on this song and they did amazing!! I’m so blessed to listen to their little voices sing together! Mama (Heather) joined in with a little harmony as well…! She never fails to amaze me!

Musicians: Jed and Call Slaughter – Lead Vocals; Shannon Slaughter – Guitar, Vocals; Ron Inscore – Mandolin; Trevor Watson – Banjo; Cliff Bailey – Bass; Aubrey Haynie – Fiddle; Heather Slaughter – Harmony Vocals.

Songwriters: Mary Catherine Danoff, William T. Danoff and John Denver (BMG Ruby Songs/BMG Ruby Songs/Dino Park Publishing/JD Legacy Publishing/KOBALT Music Pub America I OBO Dino Park, OBO JD Legacy Publishing, OBO My Pop's Songs/My Pop's Songs/Reservoir Media Music/Reservoir Media Music (Reservoir Media Management, Inc.)