Where Does the Love Go
Where Does the Love Go Shannon Slaughter Heather Slaughter
© 2014 Elite Circuit Music

Verse 1
Where does the love go, and how does the heart know that it’s over
Will the memories still linger in my mind, or can I leave the past behind
How can I go on, though what we had is gone and ain’t returning
Will my heart grow cold, can it hold back new fires of love from burning

I thought I’d let go and we were through
Now I don’t know when I’ll get over you
My heart can’t love again until I do

Verse 2
When will the pain end, can I just pretend that I’m not hurting
Will the tears that run down like pouring rain, never burn my eyes again
Or will I cry until, this heartache that I feel finally drowns me
Down in this hole, where my soul, full of loneliness surrounds me