The Other Man
When I fell in, it felt like a treasure bin,
Buried treasure in a no-man’s land.
But what I didn’t know – there was a curse on all that gold.
A curse that I was soon to understand
When I found out I was the other man.

My heart burned and then it sank – I felt like making her walk the plank!
She was a bogus map to a promised land.
And I was buried to my chin, and the tide was coming in
But she did nothing but lie there getting tan…
When I found out I was the other man.

Out to sea – there’s a wind that blows a sailor home
Out to sea – where a pirate goes to lick his wounds and curse his luck
But doesn’t have to be the other man.

Now the clanging of the bell reminds me of my hell
But there is nothing for me on dry land.
I’ve never been the jealous kind, or felt so far behind.
I’m like a ship in need to new command,
A schooner tossed on windy seas unmanned…
It makes me wish I was the other man.