Lucky Man
I sat beside the window for my meal
& ordered up the Blue Plate Special deal
I’m a Lucky Man, I’m a lucky man

Just outside the window I could see
A homeless man was looking back at me
I’m a lucky man, I’m a lucky man

The window was the only thing between that man and me
He was so close that I could count every worry-wrinkle,
Every bloodshot vein, each confused expression on his face.

He saw me look, then quickly turned away
Embarrassed that he might be seen that way
I’m a lucky man, I’m a lucky man.

I suddenly remembered him from school
That high school jock was always oh so cool
He was a lucky man, he was a lucky man.

But how on earth could that man fall so far from where he was?
He looked to me to be on top - the king of his own world,
A magnet for the girls - everybody said he’d done it right!

My memory doesn’t like to go so far
That high school jock once beat me up for playing my guitar
I’m a lucky man, I’m a lucky man.

My food arrived – I packed it up to go
I paid the bill and walked outside and said “Here’s your dinner, Joe.
“You’re a lucky man, you’re a lucky man”

He took the food and said “God bless”, then looked into my eyes.
Now maybe he remembered this guitar boy from school
Back when he was so cool, but he just walked away into the night.
I’m a lucky man, I’m a lucky man.