Mountain Fever Music Group - Labels
  • The Whiskey and The Guitar by Junior Sisk
  • Deep Water by Amanda Cook Band
  • The Little Tennessee by Highland Travelers
  • Livewire by Aubrey Eisenman & The Clydes
  • Blood Feud by Dave Adkins (feat. Larry Cordle)
  • Sleep Well by Tara Dente
  • The Whiskey and The Guitar by Junior Sisk
    Genre: Bluegrass
    MP3 (02:45) [6.29 MB]
  • Deep Water by Amanda Cook Band
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    MP3 (03:24) [7.78 MB]
  • The Little Tennessee by Highland Travelers
    Genre: Bluegrass
    MP3 (02:56) [6.69 MB]
  • Livewire by Aubrey Eisenman & The Clydes
    Genre: Americana
    MP3 (02:13) [5.09 MB]
  • Blood Feud by Dave Adkins (feat. Larry Cordle)
    Genre: Bluegrass
    MP3 (03:27) [7.88 MB]
  • Sleep Well by Tara Dente
    Genre: Americana
    MP3 (05:22) [12.27 MB]

Label Contacts

Mark Hodges - President
Missy Delgado -VP Marketing/Comm
Melody Cochran - Radio Specialist
540-789-7403 -

Mountain Fever Music Group
1177 Alum Ridge Road NW
Willis, VA 24380

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The "Music Group" is home to
Mountain Fever Records - bluegrass greats since 2009,
Travianna Records - folk, Americana, singer/songwriter no boundaries artists since 2014, and Morning Glory Music[b/] broad spectrum praise music since 2019

It began with a passion and penchant for strong bluegrass vocalist and precision instrumentalists, as well as an appreciation for not only the traditional sound of bluegrass but its more modern day musical cousins of progressive bluegrass and Americana. Mark Hodges started developing a solid musical roster back in 2008 under the name Mountain Fever Records and has developed one of the most sought after sounds in roots music today.

A magical recording studio hidden in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Floyd, VA, and two successful record labels and a publishing company make up the appropriately named Mountain Fever Music Group. In 2014 Mark began the "Americana" label branch to include the music that goes beyond the boundaries of bluegrass and the Mountain Fever Records label. Travianna Records formed and expanded the focus to a broader spectrum of deserving musicians' talents. Now in 2019, Mountain Fever Music Group grows again, adding a new gospel label, Morning Glory Music to the family.
“It has truly been a privilege to bring all of this music to fans all over the world,” Hodges says. “It still gets me excited every time I hear something new and innovative. I’m first and foremost a fan of the music. If you can’t be crazy about your work and remain a fan of what got you excited in the first place, then what’s the point right?”

Links to the Mountain Fever Records catalog:

Alan Bibey & Grasstowne
- “4”
- When Jesus Swings The Wrecking Ball”

Amanda Cook
- "Deep Water"
- "Point Of No Return”

Blue Moon Rising
- "After All This Time”

Breaking Grass
- "Just As Strong”
- “Warning Signs”

Colebrook Road
- “On TIme”

Dave Adkins
- "Nothin To Loose” -
- (self-titled)
- "Right Or Wrong"
Dave Adkins Trio
- “ Turn To Jesus”
Adkins & Loudermilk
- (self tltled)

Deeper Shade Of Blue
- “Steam”

Deer Creek Boys
- "Midnight & Dawn"
- “What Goes Up” [url][url]

- "No Escape"

- (self titled)
- "Highways & Heartaches”
- “ Hillbilly Heroes”

Highland Travelers

Irene Kelley
- “These Hills”
- "Benny’s TV Repair” [url][/url}
- "Happy Birthday Little Baby Jesus” single

Crowe Brothers
- “Forty Years Old”
- “EP3”

Junior Sisk
- "Brand New Shade Of Blue”
Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice
- "Poor Boys Pleasure”
- "The Mountains Are Calling Me Home”

Kristy Cox
- "Ricochet”

Mac Wiseman
-I Sang The Song (Life of A Voice With A Heart)”

Michelle Nixon & Drive
- "A Place I Belong”

Mountain Faith
- “Blue”
-“That Which Matters”
- “Freedom, Family & Faith” (single)

Mountain Fever Records - Christmas Sampler -

Nothin' Fancy
- "By Any Other Name”
- “Where I Came From”
- "It's A Good Feeling”
- “Time Changes Everything”

Rachel Burge & Blue Dawning
- (self titled)

Rice & Menzone Alliance
- “Something Out Of The Blue”

Section House
- (self titled)

- "Session 1”
- “Session 2”
- “Colors & Crossroads”

Spinney Brothers
- “Memories”
- “No Borders”
- “Tried & True”
- “Living The Dream”

Summer Brooke & Mountain Faith Band
- “Small Town Life”
- “The Sounds In Christmas”

Sweet Potato Pie
- “Stand Up”

Thomm Jutz
- "Crazy If You Let It”

Volume Five
- “Down In A Cell”
- “Children Of The Mountain”
- “The Day We Learn To Fly”
- “Run”
- "Voices”
- “Drifter”
- "Milestones”

Mountain Fever Records

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Links to the Travianna Records catalog:

A'Court Bason
- Youthful Folly

After Jack

Ashe Breeze
- (self-titled) [url]http://[/url]
- "The Road's Not Easy" [url]http://[/url]

Aubrey Eisenman & The Clydes
- "Bowerbird"

Dana Cooper
- "Incendiary Kid" (see Dana Cooper's APD site for all Dana's music)

Delta Reign
- "Nothing But Sky" [url]http://[/url]
- "Calm Before The Storm " [url]http://[/url]

Elle Carpenter
- "Sincerely Yours"

Pi Jacobs
- "A Little Blue"

Summer Brooke & Mountain Faith Band
-“Small Town Life” http://AirPla