The Other Side
“The Other Side”
Words and Music: Sam Pollard
© Blue Pie Records & Sam Pollard Music Pty Ltd 2011
(p) Blue Pie Publishing 2011

Trying something different

Summers come and gone it’s starting to get so dark
Need to get some air but I can’t go to the park
I can’t stand it no more
Got no place to go
Need something unusual
Do it and I do it again
I go out to the other side of town
Can I find a better place to spend the night?
It’s so unusual
Found a place to park
It’s a sign I think
To get me to stay this side

What are you doing for me now?
What are you doing for me now?
Why don’t you stand up for me, while I’m walking out that door?
What are you doing for me now?

Walking down the street I fall in a great big hole
No-one know I’m gone I’m in for the long haul
Please someone find me
I’ve lost my voice
This wasn’t the place I had in mind to spend the night
It’s getting light again I haven’t slept all night
A jogger comes my way I’ve got him in my sights
I throw a stone
He gets a real good fright
He comes and looks my way and asks if I’m alright

Another man comes be he’s got a great big truck
There’s a ladder on the roof I’ve had some luck
They pass it to me
I’m getting out
I go right up the ladder and back to my side of town