Half a Mind
Half a Mind

Verse 1
I ain’t one for fighting
You ain’t even trying
To see if a solution
Can be found

Go and get your kicks in
When you see what you’ve been missing
You’ll turn your head
And I’ll be gone

I’ve got half a mind to leave you
And the other half is gone
I’ve been running round in circles
Since the day you came along
I’m torn in two directions
And I don’t know what to do
I’ve made my mind for leaving
But my thoughts are still with you

Verse 2
In the morning when you wake up
You’re as happy as can be
But before you go to bed at night
You’re always mad at me

I know there’s things I love ‘bout you
But I don’t know what they are

This love was over from the start

Verse 3

I can’t say that I’m angry
I can’t say that I’m sad
I don’t have time to talk much
If I’m gonna pack my bags

It’s fare thee well
Goodbye my, dear
there’s one foot out the door
Just like a thousand times before