Cuddle Up Santa
Put me down Santa, the presents are on the sleigh
Rudolph the Reindeer said the elves are on their way
So no more cuddlin’ & a snugglin’ till early Christmas day
This mistletoe needs hangin’ and here’s the tinsel for the tree
The turkey’s in the oven & the mince pies go in at three
So put me down Santa you’ve gotta a lot of deliveries
Middle 8
The gnomes & the elves have got themselves in a state
They’re worried cos our huggin’ is makin you late
But there is nowhere else I would rather be
Than cuddlin’ up with Santa, under the tree
Come along Santa, let me help you into your red suit
When you laugh I can’t resist ya, darn you look so cute
but the reindeer are waiting to set off on their route
You know I’ll be waiting when you come back Christmas day
When the sleigh is empty and the kids are snoring away
That’s when we can snuggle up & in your arms I’ll stay
Middle 8
Put me down Santa, got deliveries to make
Gotta get a move on before the kids are awake
I know it’s far too cold to be out in the storm
When we would rather be at home keeping warm
Cuddle up Santa x 4
Cuddle up Santa before you go out on your sleigh