Lotus Elise Blues
Drive me to the bank, cos I need to buy some wheels
Gonna race around the track wanna hear the tyres squeal
I don’t need no easy rider, or a comfy cool sedan
I need a low slung lotus and a good loving man

Fix me up a pit crew, make ‘em long lean and mean
With the fastest turnaround, that anyone has ever seen
Tighten up those tyres, so I don’t have to stop
Then we’re off on a ride, right to the top

Gimme a long low slung Lotus Elise
Fill it with engine oil and engine tech grease
I’ll rev you up baby, but you better start on time
Or all you’ll see is my dust, as I pass the finish line

I’ve seen the competition, HAH I’m not impressed
The engines running hot, gotta put it to the test
Here comes lightning and the thunder, as I take the wheel
Well my skin might be soft, but my nerves are made of steel


Guitar Solo

it’s a Lotus Elise, it’s a Lotus Elise (rpt) It’s a ... Waugh ....


So drive me to the bank, gimme a silver machine
Get me a load of sponsors, gonna build a team
Enter in every race and be up against the best
And maybe one day I’ll even pass my driving test


Rpt Chorus slow down on last line