Blue Cats Strut
Crying in the night time, sleeping in the day
Can you hear us calling, we are coming your way
Jumping to the rhythm, moving to the beat
Tap tap tap a tapping, to the padding of our feet

Crowd is going crazy, expectation in the air
and a syncopated wildness emerging from our lair
there is no place to hide, we’ll find where you’re at
We’re the rock it out, foot tapping, Blue Cats

Blues is the rhythm deep in our gut
We’re out on the town doing the Blue Cats Strut
the Blue Cats Strut, the Blue Cats Strut
We’re out on the town, doing the Blue Cats, Blue Cats Strut

It starts with a growl and then comes the din
Turn up the volume if you don’t dance it’s a sin
Cos we’re jumping on Jazz and Rocking the Blues
So call up your friends and tell them the news