So what is the song “Knowing” about?
Initially it may be thought that song was about a female wronged by a philandering male lover. It projects the emotion of a woman simmering over a guy who has not been straight with her. He screwed up, he tried to deceive her, and although he’s tried to hide it, she knows it, and she’s calling it like it is.
Emotionally, the singer is a clearly disappointed after being deceived and is rightfully a little “hot under the collar”. She sounds out with the character of a “broody, simmering Aretha” and then after the solo section she lets out a little more emotion such that the listener can feel the heat the singer is trying to hold back.
However, the lyrics are very generic and therefore could be about whatever the listener is thinking. The listener can insert their own cast of characters. Be it their favorite federal, state or local officials, family members or lovers gone wrong. It’s whatever they feel, based on their life’s experience. It’s up to the listener. Unfortunately, many of us have been there, in one way or the other.
All of us have been deceived. And the deception that has the most impact on our lives is from our own government because it effects so many, can have such long term impact, and ultimately oppresses our liberty and freedom.
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