Hurricane Blues
The song “Hurricane Blues” is presented in the key of G in a traditional 12 bar blues format using old school blues instrumentation - the Dobro and harmonica - combined with non-traditional instruments. This unusual combination of instruments results in a unique orchestral feel that forcefully drives the song’s musical portrayal of the horrific beauty and fury of a hurricane. The lyrics describe the process one goes through when caught in the path of this powerful force of nature, a frightening experience that will be familiar to those who have lived in coastal areas.
Hurricanes have impacted mankind for centuries. The word hurricane comes from the word hurucane, used by the pre Colombian Tarino culture to mean “evil spirit of the wind.” Hurricanes are immensely powerful. A single large hurricane releases the same amount of energy as several atomic bombs.
Hurricanes destroy homes and take lives -- sometimes by the thousands. They are the only natural weather event devastating enough to deserve their own names, and they are predictable enough to have their own season. In the Atlantic Ocean, Hurricane Season runs from June 1st to November 30th.
The financial cost for damages resulting from a single hurricane can now exceed 50 billion dollars. We all pay that bill in one way or another, and we can expect the costs to increase in the future. To understand why that happens, or to read more about the song “Hurricane Blues” please go to the website.