Energy Policy (Featured Single)

Reggae is noted for its tradition of social criticism in its lyrics. This is a light spirited Reggae tune which informs the listener about deficiencies in the U. S. Energy Policy and highlights concerns that the policy favors political cronies, does not prioritize energy affordability and negatively impacts everybody (else), especially those who must fill their gas tank “once a week”.
The Reggae tune “Energy Policy” incorporates R&B and Jazz elements, and is guided by solid rhythmic cross stick drum techniques and strong accents from the toms. The distinctive sound of a Hammond B-3 is used to play the choppy “bubble feel” and add a few witty Caribbean influences between verses. The improvised guitar and bass embellishments expand traditional patterns to weave a more complex exploration of the genre. The distinctive Jamaican vocals are light and inviting with friendly harmonies and the melodic toasting styled comments during the turnarounds add brief humor. Learn more about this song at