Family Farm

The song “Family Farm” is a powerfully simple “Texas Country” format with harmonies accompanied by drums, electric guitars, banjo, fiddle and steel guitar. Derived from the traditional Western and honky tonk musical styles, and mixed with the anger of an alienated group of our country’s most independent citizens, - the family farmer - this song might be considered to be a new interpretation of the “outlaw” country music from years past. This time however, the whole family has been made “outlaw” by the overreaching federal government and they’re “really riled up,” even the cows are upset. Check it out. You may know an “outlaw.” If you farm or grow stuff, you may be one. Tell your friends.

Song notes: Background

The song touches upon controversial regulations concerning the government’s paternalistic effort to insert itself between the family farmer and the consumer. The family farm’s very existence is being imperiled by ill-conceived, wholly unnecessary regulations proposed by the U.S. Labor Department, Department of Agriculture and other overreaching federal agencies. The regulations plainly favor big food manufacturers over family farms that have been the bedrock of this country for two centuries.