Sad Attack
Writers: Eli Johnston, Kevin McKinnon

Like a train you keep leaving and I can't stand it when we are apart
And I feel just like a hobo that keeps clinging to his favorite old box car
The wheels keep on slippin' in my mind I'm slowly drifting farther down the line
I'm running out of coal, and this old engine just won't go without a fire.

Over and over I look over my shoulder for you
It's getting colder and colder my worst fear in life is coming true
I guess I'd better learn to be alone I feel a sad attack a comin' on
It gets worse every time I hear that lonesome locomotive whistle moan

20 diesel engines couldn't pull the load that's weighin' on my heart
And if the tears keep a comin' I'll be floatin' on that mis'ry river barge
I'm driftin' away from the shore but somehow I keep comin' back for more
I've fallen in a hole and there ain't a soul around to toss a line.