Wake Up And Smell The Coffee
From Rock Hearts mandolin player, Bill Thibodeau:

When I got out of the Air Force in 1985, I was offered a job playing mandolin with Bluegrass Supply Company from Bangor Maine. My friend (the late Bill Smith) who I had played music with since we were still in high school wrote a song Wake Up and Smell the Coffee right before I was discharged from the Air Force. Our first task as a band was to cut a new record. This was their third and my first. We heard this song and decided right away that this should be the title cut.

When Rock Hearts decided to record this on our debut album Starry Southern Nights, Stephen Mougin at Dark Shadow Recording had the Bluegrass Supply Company record playing when we walked into the studio. This brought tears to my eyes. Stephen Mougin and his parents were fans of that band when he was just discovering bluegrass. Re-recording Wake Up and Smell the Coffee was a great way to honor my friend who was a great musician, songwriter, and artist.