Whispering Waters
Whispering Waters 2:58

Contact: Alex MacLeod

Writers: Stanley Jordan Keach (BMI)
William Howard Thibodeau (ASCAP)

Publisher: Happy Valley Music

ISRC: QZL362000006

Release Date: 10/30/2020

Producer: Ned Luberecki

Engineer: Stephen Mougin - Dark Shadow Studio

Mastering: Airshow Mastering - David Glasser

Alex MacLeod - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Joe Deetz - Banjo, Baritone Vocals
Billy Thibodeau - Tenor Vocals, Mandolin
Rick Brodsky - Bass
Danny Musher - Fiddle

Sounds Like: Danny Paisley, Audie Blaylock, JD Crowe

Influences: JD Crowe, The Osborne Brothers, The Stanley Brothers, The Seldom Scene

Whispering Waters is a song co-written by friends, Stanley Jordan Keach and William Howard Thibodeau (Billy Thibodeau). Long time friends in the New England Bluegrass Scene for many years, the two co-wrote this song which was a hit for a couple high-profile bluegrassers. Rock Hearts felt it was time to reclaim it as their own.