99 Year Blues
99 Year Blues 3:07

Contact: Alex MacLeod
Writer: Original (Julius C Daniels) and New verses by Theodore Chase DeMille (BMI)

Publisher: Haley Anna Music

ISRC: QZL362000008

Release Date: 7/4/2020

Produced by Ned Luberecki

Engineered by Stephen Mougin at Dark Shadow Recording Studio

Mastering: Airshow Mastering - David Glasser

Alex MacLeod - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Joe Deetz - Baritone Vocals, Banjo
Billy Thibodeau - Tenor Vocals, Mandolin
Rick Brodsky - Bass
Danny Musher - Fiddle

Key: B
Tempo: 125bpm
Intro: Banjo kickoff, vocals enter at 00:16
Outro: vocals repeat last line of chorus 1x

Sounds Like Danny Paisley, Seldom Scene, Lonesome River Band

Influence JD Crowe, The Seldom Scene, Ralph Stanley

Comments from Rock Hearts mandolin player, Billy Thibodeau: "I first heard 99 Year Blues by a band called, North Star, from Maine. They invited me up to play a guitar solo on the song. After that it became a tradition that if we were in the same place I would be invited up to play a solo on the song. I told the songwriter, (Ted DeMille), that I would like to record it sometime if I was in a band that would like the song. *Interesting note: the original chorus sang: So hand me my pistol and pass me some ball, I'm gonna shoot everybody that I don't like at all, like at all, that I don't like at all. Ted DeMille, songwriter, had heard us perform the song as it was originally written and he said, "I love it... it was performed exactly as I had wished it would be, but in light what's going on in society with the senseless mass shootings, it can't be performed that way again." So he wrote the new chorus and the band gladly plays the new version which we collectively feel couldn't have been a better demonstration of social consciousness."