REMEMBER ME (radio edit)
I fought the Red Coats on the Jersey shore
remember me
I was a (~choose~Yankee / Rebel / Soldier) in the Civil War
remember me
I was a private in World War One
I was forgotten in Vietnam
from Pearl Harbor to Iraqi Freedom
remember me

remember me
I was the one
remember me
(1) my father's son (2) my mother's son (3) my country's son
I tasted life when I was around
remember me

the sweet smell of a summer's rain
snow on the ground that melts in the spring
all the simple little things fill my memory
the morning sun and the moon at night
falling in love for the very first time
my mother's heart and my father's pride
I take with me


sixty one floors and Lord I'm tired
remember me
just give me a chance and I'll fight this fire
remember me
we're climbing up there to get them out
with smoke so thick that I can't see now
Lord I think these walls are coming down
coming down on me

I close my eyes and I see my wife
our unborn child she has inside
if I could hold them just one more time