REMEMBER ME (radio edit)
"Remember Me" has been played at churches, schools and military installations around the world. It is regularly played at troop homecoming celebrations to the soldiers and their families and is often requested at military funerals.

Written within days of the tragic events which occurred on Sept 11th 2001, Remember Me symbolizes the true heart and soul of our great nation and distinguishes itself as an American anthem. Unique to the American experience, it is a reminder of what a privilege it is to be a citizen of the USA.

Many brave Americans (comprised of every race and gender) have contributed to the wonderful free society that we enjoy here in the United States. The unselfish actions of our soldiers, policemen, firemen and other civic minded countrymen and women are a reflection of the character of this great nation.

Remember Me is a heartfelt tribute to the people who dedicate their lives to serve our country.

Listen to Remember Me with pride!

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