Hope Until Then
Hope Until Then
Words By: Rachel Barnes, Rick Denzien, Debra Lee
Music By: Rick Denzien, Rachel Barnes

Capo 5
Verse I
[G] Countless [D] nights, close my [C] eyes Wrapped [D] up in your
[G] arms Never [D] wanting this [C] moment to end
[G] Countless [D] fights, teary [C] eyed I drive home [D] in the
[G] rain crying [D] cause I’m [C] loosing you again But

[Em] somewhere in our crazy mixed up
[C] lives I find myself back in your [Em] arms every [D] time

[G] Even though we [D] have to say good
[Em] bye You know that [C] it’s not over
[G] Hope [D] Until [C] Then
[G] Someday when our [D] paths cross Well I’m
[Em] sure that we can [C] try again
[G] Hope [D] Until [C] Then

Verse 2
[G] Countless [D] days, friends will [C] sway us to [D] walk a
[G] way They don’t [D] understand the [C] love we found
[G] Countless [D] ways try to [C] say how I feel [D] about
[G] you could be [D] wrong but I [C] want you around

Chorus 2:

[C] when I’m not with [D] you I feel like [G] I’ll [G/F#m] loose my [Em] mind
[C] I’d be a [D] fool to have you [G] crawling [G/F#m] back this [Em] time
[C] when it’s good [D] and so right why [G] does it [G/F#m] have to [Em] change?
[C] Some how di [D] vine slips by I [G] wish that [G/F#m] it could [C] stay

Chorus 3:

Hope Until Then
G, F#m, B, C, G

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