Go Out and Play
Title: Go Out And Play
Words & Music By: Rick Denzien

[E] We don’t got corporate jobs
There ain’t no big payday
We aren’t some useless slobs
We all got bills to pay
We running in the red
No matter what they say
We eat the tanted meat
Dead got the triptafane

Go out and [E] play [G]
[A] Resist the threat / wall / ice cars [E] today [G]
Go out and [E] play [G]
[A]We aren’t your slaves [E] today [G]
Go out and [E] play [G]

They stream some liquid lead
We more dumb than before
They watch us in our bed
Scan us at every door
We might just take a look
They kick us to the floor
We break the chains they make
Took love and give us pain / hate

Go out and [E] play [G]
[A] Resist the threat / wall / ice cars [E] today [G]
Go out and [E] play [G]
[A]We aren’t your slaves [E] today [G]
Go out and [E] play [G]

[Bbm] Rearrange the chairs on a deck of this sinking ship but
[D] No one wants to [A] stay
The kids got perfect teeth, but the mouth is in decay

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Radio Quotes:
“Extremely original, excellent project! Really good, we love it very much and we will support it. Entry in our digital bouquet, on the French and Russian antennas of NETRADIO (http://www.netradio.fr) and On the City Radio. We are particularly interested in broadcasting other Rick Denzien titles on our stations! 6/6 Stars”
- Christophe Marcy - NETRADIO

"'’Go Out And Play' is another in a long line of radio friendly modern music from Rick Denzien. Catchy melody, great instrumentation…… ingredients for a great listening experience for music lovers everywhere."
- Al Thompson – Founder FM Audition Radio Show

'Go Out and Play' is infectious... IN A VERY, VERY GOOD WAY!! I played it while I was shaving this morning and wound up singing the chorus all freeken day! Love this tune!
- Chris DiGangi Artist Activist, Founder-The Post Folk Fest Fester's Fest & Owner of The Rebel Lounge, former WXPN fm Special Producer

Catchy tune! Rick Denzien writes a very pertinent song that is very “in” with the times right now. The melody and vocals are reminiscent of Peter Gabriel. ‘Go Out and Play’s strong hook will be playing in your head over and over. Five thumbs up!
- Eddie Hedges Engineer, Producer, drummer & founding member of the Platinum recording group Blessid Union of Souls.

Political Party Quotes:
“As ‘Go Out and Play’ starts, the ambient keyboard is striking. When the vocals kick in, the messages of freedom are unquestionably inspiring. The hook is killer and the song has a great vibe with slammin’ guitar solo. This song makes you want to play it again!”
- Brian Ostrander, MONTCO Green Party Chairman

Zero Emission Musician Quotes:
“’Go Out and Play’ is a call to all artists to do their craft, but the deeper meaning… have your voice heard, not be stifled and controlled by those that would keep us down and RESIST them. It made me feel like I need to bust out, do my thing, shed the fear of conspiracy and just live my life.”
- Michael Craner Michael – Founder - RenewAmericaRoadtrip.com