Just A Little Rain
I'm standing on this dry ground, dust swirling at my feet                                                            
It settles on these crops dyin' in the July heat
This is the worst drought, Kane County's seen in years
And the only thing growing 'round here is our debt and our fear                                                    
Last Sunday Preacher Johnson got the whole town to pray
Sayin’ it would take a miracle, for the crop to be saved
Cling to your faith in this time of deep despair
And the Lord will bring the rain….in answer to your prayers
Just a little rain………just a little rain
All that we need Lord is just a little rain
Bank came around, just two days ago
Said they’ll take the farm, if this crop don’t grow
I walk behind these mules baking the noon-day sun
Hopin’ sometime soon,  just a  little rain will come

Now the Preacher's words come back to me… as clouds form in the sky
I run out to the fields… tears streamin’ my eyes
The Lord He heard my prayers….and I know he felt my pain
Gonna’ send down Heaven’s tears…..as just a little rain