Rising Sun
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Rising Sun

Written by Ray Cardwell and Louisa Branscomb
RAC MAC Music (ASCAP), Millwheel Music, Inc (BMI)

This is the first song I ever wrote with Louisa, I knew her of course
from her awards and reputation as a skilled song writer. We are friends online. And we would follow each other on Social Media and exchange pleasantries from time to time. But I didn't get to know her until things started locking down due to the pandemic. We started talking through messenger. Voicing concerns for our industry/art and about survival in this sudden changed world. We both agreed that our industry would persevere and we had much hope for the future. We decided that we were going to use this time at home to get to know ourselves, each other, our friends and our families and strive for positive things, to try to grow out of all of this.
We started setting up times to work on songs, I told her I had melodies and choruses, but not too many lyrics. She asked to hear the songs. As soon as that started things began to click. I love getting a chance to write with another songwriter. Its good for new ideas and when people hear a song I wrote and add to it and make it into something else, thats when I get excited! Thats the creative collaboration I live for. Louisa's lyrics were spot on and conversation like. We just musically talked out all our fears, frustrations and hope.
I believe in humanity, I believe we grow from hard times.
And I believe that the sun will rise, like it always does.
And with it comes a new day and a hope of peace.
In my heart I believe, the rising sun will set us free.
I hope you enjoy this song