I Want Your Lovin'
Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah

I got a little money, I know it just won't last
And I don't care, if it spends too fast
Got myself a girl, and my guitar and some green
And head out on that highway, in my limousine
Can't you see, you were meant for me
This could be trouble, and I mean double
Tell me true, nothing else will do, cuz I'm your lover...

Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah

Used to be this woman, liked to have a good time
As I got to know her, I really thought she fine
She'd tell me bout the things she loved, and I would see her smile
She's got ruby lips and shapely hips, she's a real wild child
Can't you see, sparks around me
This could be trouble honey, and sure mean double
Whoooooo.......give me all your lovin'

My money's gone, didn't last too long, no surprise to me
Ride won't start, got a broken heart, my girl where can she be
Your mamma and your sister don't need to understand
I never was a doctor, but a guitar playing man
Can't you see, oh you frustrate me
This could be trouble honey, I do mean double
I ain't lying, I don't mind trying, I wan't your lovin'.....

Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah

words and music by Randy Volin
In Your Pants Music, BMI 2014