It's Gonna Be Alright
When I was a child, back in the Motor City, my momma said to me
there's a world outside, don't you run and hide,
you can chase your dreams
left home as a young man, straight into the combat zone
I played the Rat as a matter of fact, but the Grande was my home

It's gonna be alright
everything will be fine
it's gonna be real sweet
when the stars all shine on the world that I call mine..

Days turned to night and night into weeks
I was living out on the road
I played real hard thru all the south
music was my code

Went thru Austin on a Monday
heading to the golden coast
truck broke down, wasn't no one around
'cept for me and the holy ghost
and she said....


voices in my head said "take it slow, the music has a life of it's own
there ain't no rest for the weak or weary, got to keep movin' on"

everybody have a good time.....everybody have a ball
gonna play my guitar all night long......gonna hit the back wall.....


words and music by Randy Volin
words inspired to rewrite by Brett Cookingham
In Your Pants Music, BMI 2014