When She Say's Jump
Instruments used:
1960 Fender Stratocaster
1960 Les Paul Std.
1959 Gibson Country and Western
Fender Reissue P Bass
Amps used:
1964 Fender Super Reverb w/JBL D 110's
1961 Gibson/Maestro 2RVT
1927 Steinway Grand Piano

No Vintage Guitars, Amps, Effects, Mic's, Drums, or rack gear were harmed in the recording process of these songs.

from Detroit Thang, released March 2015
Written and produced by Randy Volin 2014
In Your Pants Music, BMI 2014
Randy Volin, vocals, all guitars
Steve Nelson, bass guitar
Dave Salinas, drums, percussion
Scotty Page, sax's
Phil Parlapiano, keyboards
The Hard On's: backing vox
recorded Van Nuys, California
engineered by Brett Cookingham and Randy Volin
overdubs Van Nuys, California