Highway 59 Revisted
I gave up on the football team
Getting’ knocked on my **** wasn’t my thing
Coach Jones cussin my name and tootin’ that whistle
I had lot more time after school
Chasing girls at the swimming pool
If daddy was home from work he’d take me fishin’

We’d hook up the boat to the old blue jimmy
Fill the cooler with beer and viennie’s
Hit that two-lane up around black cat ridge
Follow that sun thru the Texas pines
To big john’s in the evening time
Just across that trinity river bridge

And we’d listen to the songs from the radio station on highway 59
Past the whoa steak house and the Wataburger stand
Sittin’ on the left-hand side
We’d fish ‘til dark and pull in the lines
Get home around suppertime
While Waylon and willie sang one more time
From that radio station on highway 59

I took Lynn to see “Billy Jack”
In my sixty-nine Pontiac
Saturday night at the starlight drive-inn show
Never saw how the movie went
I couldn’t keep my hands to myself
She gave me a dirty look and said take me home

So, we listened to the songs from the radio station on highway 59
She didn’t look too happy on the ride back home
But she must’ve had a change of mind
She scooted over close by my side
We made out by the driveway light
While Johnny Rodriguez sang “pass me by”
From that radio station on highway 59

At a ranch house south of Sugarland
Phi-delta-theta and my brother Stan
Colorado kool-aide and college girls going swimming
I got so drunk i laid down in the yard
I woke up to spinning stars
All the way back home my head was out the window