The Old Grey Dog
Old Grey Dog
(R Moore)

Well I sleep a lot more than I used to these days
And dream of the lakeside where we used to play
But the summertimes gone and drifted away
Look at me, I’m your old grey dog

And I don’t wander far from the back of the house
I don’t ever bark unless it really counts
And the steps hurt to walk up but I’m there when you call
Through it all, I’m your old grey dog

And I really don’t wonder why I am like I am
Cause true love and devotion is all my old heart understands

And my love is as strong as the day we first met
You’re the voice of the master I’ll never forget
And I long for the rub of your hand on my head
You can bet, I’m your old grey dog

And they say, “it’s a wonder” but really it’s not all that odd
When you turn my name around you get the name of God

So I’ll lay by the back door ‘til I’m gone from this place
And I’ll wait for you in heaven by the old garden gate
And I’ll run to your arms and lay a lick on your face
You know the place, I’m your old grey dog

Remember me, I’m your old grey dog