Day After Day
Day After Day
(R Moore)

Day after day
Through loss and gain
Prejudice and pride
Start to feel one in the same
Looking for yourself
In someone else’s eyes
then by the time you find it’s not there
you realize

You can’t go back
So why would you want to?
Did you forget about the pain?
Forget about the sorrow?
Forget about all that you thought about
was getting to tomorrow?
Day after day, day after day

Day after day
There’s joy and despair
Always in a rush, never giving back
So unaware
Believing success
Is a golden dream beyond you
Blinded to the truth all that you seek
is standing beside you

And if you had a choice
To do it all again
With everything you know
Would you be a better friend?
Be a better partner?
Be a better kind of human being?
Day after day, day after day

Day after day, day after day