Pa ( Remastered)
(R Moore)

I learned how to fish, and I learned how to hunt
I learned how to fight, and when I should run
I learned how to catch, and throw a baseball
Then i learned how to lose, ‘cause you can’t win ‘em all
And i learned there’s a time when a man must decide
To stop changing and be who he has to be once and for all
Yeah, i learned it all

I learned not to cry, without a damn good reason
And I learned there are times, when you hate your decisions
And I learned there’s a god, without no religion
In the mountains and the woods, and the rain on the river
And learned that a man can only be lost
If he stops believing in love when the pain is too strong
Yeah, I learned it all

Oh, it seems like now this came too late
Was it god or was it fate
I should say all these things to you in this song
Years after you have been gone
But you taught me all things have their own time and place
And I know on someday, in your own simple way
With one little phrase, you’ll explain all these things after all

Now i know how to fish, and I know how to hunt
My pa

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