Santa Monica Pier (Remastered)
(R Moore/ P Rohrer)

Too much snow in Colorado
She stole my Eldorado
And headed for the California sun
She woke up in the sand
With a tattoo and a tan
Another fool who came to Babylon
She met a guy with a cocaine smile
They ran all night naked and wild
I saw it all they never knew i was here
At Santa Monica pier

At thirty after five
The midway came alive
Bumper cars and roller coaster rides
I followed them all night
And when the time was right
I killed them on their d-lysergic slide
I tossed their bodies in the tangled waves
Under the boardwalk a watery grave
Premeditated, the sheriff found their bodies here
At Santa Monica pier

Under the lights of the Ferris Wheel
They read my rights and slapped the cuffs on me
They hauled me off to the L.A. County jail
The detective told ‘em what I’d done
Exhibit a was my smoking gun
I Waited all night for the court to set my bail
The D.A. wanted ninety-nine to life
The judge said, “ I don’t see no crime
In bumping off a cocaine dealer and a thievin wife

They handed me my keys
Said mister if you please
Take your **** back to Colorado
This whole mess is rotten
Its best to be forgotten
At least you didn’t lose your Eldorado
I hit the gas never looking back
The devils deed and the slap upon my back
The L.A. County told me don’t you never, ever come back here
To Santa Monica pier

Copyright: Undead Music SESAC/ Special Frog Music ASCAP