Heart of Love
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PHOEBE LEGERE: Reviews 2017
"LEGERE is an expressive and versatile singer whose voice ranges from a dark and earthy alto to a gorgeous dazzling high soprano.She combines intelligent lyrics and a fusion of French musette, Cajun, pop, rock, folk and jazz into a "roots alternative" stew. - Washington Post

"A master writer of startlingly beautiful, heroic songs.” - Iman L., RockNYC

"PHOEBE LEGERE is the female Frank Zappa..." Roman Kozack, Billboard

“PHOEBE LEGERE is the Female Beethoven...a musical genius.”
Joey Arias, Paper Magazine

Best Concert of 2014…A leggy, fiery, versatile, denizen of downtown New York…LEGERE weaves a magical, mystical, sensual spell. - Berkshire Eagle

"Musically PHOEBE is as tremendous at the grand piano as she is on guitar and accordion...Her voice is rich and warm, she draws her audience in...We feel as if we get to know her quickly, ending the evening as firm fans if not friends..."
-Front Page, Sydney Morning Herald

"LEGERE plays the piano with enormous authority in a style that encompasses Chopin, blues, ragtime, bebop and beyond, and she brings to her vocal delivery a four octave range, and an extraordinary palette of tonal color and meticulous phrasing.” - New York Times

"New York-based multi-media performer PHOEBE LEGERE is a true Renaissance performer. She does music, film, and art, acts, dances and composes, makes videos and arranges for symphonies. She's performed at Carnegie Hall and the Lincoln Centre, toured with Bowie, been featured on CBS Sunday Morning, PBS, and in The New York Times, starred in an HBO production, and created The Shamancycle, a 15 person monster eagle vehicle that runs on alternative energy.”
- Bob Morsereau, CBC Canada

“PHOEBE LEGERE is a living, breathing example of Brigitte Bardot in the film And God Created Woman…a deeply serious artist…An amazing musical intellect. - White Hot Magazine of Contemporary Art, Kofi Forson

LEGERE is the real deal…a combination of melodic precision and range with a blues-jazz expressive ability that is stunning. - Rick Massimo, Providence Journal

"An evocative blend of sexpot glamour, French insouciance, Bourbon St.
bawdiness, and East Village hipness - she's got both body and soul. "
Harper's Bazaar

"Des influences de la chanson française des années 1920 et 1930, style musette, et le théâtre musical colorent sa musique qui conjugue la pop, le classique, le folk, le rock, le blues et le Cajun. Elle offre des prestations théâtrales où elle joue plusieurs instruments. Sur scène, elle peint aussi en direct." - Sylvie Mousseau, Acadie Nouvelle

"A charismatic showman who works the audience with the razor edged skill of a veteran comic poking, teasing, and caressing it with clever turns of phrase both musical and verbal”- NY Times

"The sexiest accordionist on the planet..."
Time Out NY

PHOEBE LEGERE is a magnificent musician who is about much more than music and art. She is a very special human being and her radiance is instantly recognizable when she steps on stage.-Ruddy Cheeks, The Phoenix

"Gorgeous, blonde bombshell with a dynamite body, a magnificent voice, a wild sense of humor...(She is) an extremely intelligent Vassar graduate who can play four or five instruments and challenge every premise you might have about her as she zips through her set - her song selections are impeccably chosen. (She has) a dazzling voice - a superb singer miles above most of the jazz stars of today ...a comic mind...She turns excess and extravagance into an art form and anchors it with stunning simplicity. “ -New York Post

"A genius.” -Interview Magazine

"Often copied, never equaled, PHOEBE LEGERE is a transmedia virtuoso force who zaps the listener into a new reality. Legere personifies the divine feminine; her multi-octave voice has been compared to Edith Piaf, Aretha Franklin and Maria Callas...Legere is a nuclear, spinning, multi-dimensional, creative force NOT TO BE MISSED.” - Provincetown Magazine

"PHOEBE shines: A soprano with a five octave range, Queen Phoebe, plays both piano and accordion like nothing you have ever witnessed before, she sings as well and is a radiant presence with all her gifts on dazzling display.” - Patrick Christiano Theaterlife.com

“PHOEBE LEGERE is one of the most, inspired and talented
creative-supernovas on the planet...One of those rare luminous
souls... beautiful, wickedly funny, anointed with wisdom, and her
music possesses Native American mystical and healing qualities. like Billie Holiday or Jimi Hendrix or Miles Davis or Sun Ra..."
Dimitri Monroe, Hits Magazine

Ron Della Chiesa, on NPR: http://www.phoebelegere.com/Ron/Ron.Singer.Legere.mp3

"Perfection's name is Phoebe. She is beautiful, talented and sexy. A great singer whose voice knows few limits...her band is excellent..."
Dan Aquilante, New York Post

" Legere is clearly ready for mainstream success. Legere's fine,
four-octave voice easily goes from horn like contralto to crystalsoprano. There's a winsome sweetness...and an aching, longing...rare originality and vitality..." Variety

" Phoebe Legere has the entire package. She's funny, smart and sexy. Her music is a flamboyant, original assortment of American pop, Cajun, jazz and rock.."
Daily Trail, Vail, Colorado

"With a gorgeous body, and enormous wit, Legere easily absorbs you into her unique brand of transcendence.... she is royalty in the clubs of Downtown NYC. "
Lynne Lynn, Downtown Magazine

"Check out Phoebe Legere - she doesn't so much sing a song as inhabit it.... with a pure, remarkable four and a half-octave range..."
New York Daily News

"She is arresting... we like Phoebe"
The New Yorker

"Phoebe Legere, a name to conjure with.... She is an American
original, she's fun, she's funny, she's smart, She's a beauty, almost
like a Carole Lombard, but the main thing about her is SHE’S GOOD" -
Studs Terkel, National Public Radio

"Like Marylou Williams, she can maintain a rollicking left hand that segues easily from stride to boogie - woogie while tickling the piano's upper register into sublime submission. Similarities to Jerry Lee Lewis are probably not impertinent either..."
New York Times

Sitting down at the grand piano Legere launched into a hard driving incredible boogie woogie...Phoebe Legere is a talent to be reckoned with...a sharp wit permeates her lyrics...Vocally Legere possesses a powerful, precise 4 octave voice that is equally at home in the melodic style as it is singing lowdown blues...In two hours Phoebe
Legere not only won a raft of new fans in Saratoga, she also
demonstrated that talent, intelligence and sex appeal need not be
mutually exclusive. Beyond the obvious attributes, it's Legere's
warmth and exuberance that will prompt us to watch for her return."
Linda Ellingsworth, Saratoga Chronicle

"Phoebe Legere's latest recording is an incisive critique of the role
of contemporary culture in America in the form of a post modern,
urban opera. A dazzling, dizzying sound collage of sampled
soundtracks, spoken word, composed melodies, sound effects, raps,
electrobeats, and vocal and keyboard improvisations, it's a shimmering
soundscape of a night spent downtown with Legere as tour guide...A tribute as much to the composer/vocalist/keyboardist's virtuosic talent as to her keen wit and intelligence, "Blue Curtain" surprises, shocks and entertains at every jagged turn. Simply put, it's as important a piece of music as you're likely to hear all year, or any year”
Seth Rogovoy, The Berkshire Eagle

"Her beautiful voice, with its dazzling range and rich tones.... can
take your breath away... she runs the gamut of music like a Marx
brother crossing to stage left...", She's solidly based in her art and
is a superb musician. "
Ron Della Chiesa, NPR

Glenn O'Brian, Interview Magazine

"The sexiest accordionist on the planet..."

"A serious gifted musician" The Music Paper

"effortless versatility...refreshing...a crystalline empathy. "
South China Morning Post

Steve Morse, Boston Globe

"Phoebe Legere's brand of articulate genius will have its day - the time is ripe for a legitimate, American original who has it all -beauty, brains, talent, sex appeal, and a giving heart... A brilliant songwriter.." -

Where Magazine

Phoebe Legere is a transmedia artist. From resident composer at the Wooster Group while still a teenager, to opening for David Bowie on his national tour, to a nomination for a Pulitzer for her work with Morgan Powell and the Cleveland Chamber Symphony, her existence infinitely incarnates artistic and human experience. - The Brooklyn Rail
Gesamtkunstwerk und Transmedia-Wunder: Phoebe Legere ist eine universelle Künstlerin. Phoebe Legere ist eine Prophetin.
Tagesspiegel, Berlin
Por su sensualidad de dinamita, a la artista multidisciplinaria rubia Phoebe Legere se le relaciona con Marilyn Monroe y Brigitte Bardot en sus presentaciones, siendo comparada musicalmente con Edith Piaf y denominada “la Frank Zappa femenina”.
Proceso, Mexico City
Legere is a real singer…Large in stature, large in voice, large in persona, huge in talent, she’s brash, funny with a real musicality in her strong voice, and beautiful. AND-she sings in French and plays the accordion…a major talent…This woman is a real star…a stage dynamo. They don’t make performers more entertaining than Phoebe Legere. It’s uplifting a privilege to be at a performance by Legere.” – Richmond Shepard, Performing Arts
INSIDER “She's as talented as you can get, and an all around swell gal.” - Black Book

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