End of the Rain
When the days of cold are finally over wen will shine again.
They’ll be no more longing for another
we will go back home again.

And the light will bathe us in its beauty, the river will carry us away.
The hours of love will be upon us all
at the end of the rain.

I once was made to forget freedom, I once was cat astray.
With the help of truth and kindness,
I now have found my way.

So let the fires burn up all the embers
the sun will dry up all the pain.
Stand in truth to tell and free another
at the end of the rain.

To have and to hold is but a season, to live and to learn is but a frame.
The truth is out there in the distance,
shining through the ever flowing plane.

Take the arms of freedom when they find you, the pull of life’s refrain.
In the light I will come and guide you
at the end of the rain.
At the end of the rain.